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Ground Gewal

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left"

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Ground Gewal @ Eljay

Welcome to Ground Gewal, an AU role-play, featuring Japanese rock band members.

How We Play @ Ground Gewal

Each one of your characters must have their own journal. You may use an old journal from other rps but all old entries must be stripped or made private.

You will have to have either a MSN messanger or an AIM messanger. Both would be best but not necessary. You do not need seperate accounts per each muse but try not to get confused.

When accepted, put your character's profile on their userinfo!

Yaoi and Yuri are welcomed however since this is a war role-play try not to get carried away.*

You are allowed 3 muses and not all three can be from the same band. We want to give everyone an equal chance to pick up their favorite jrockers. We do log IP addresses.

We ask everyone to stay in character. For example, we don't want a ditzy Mana. We encourage serious characters but it's not mandatory.*

You are required to have at least one log posted each month if it be script or prose. If you miss two months straight without posting a log, we'll have to ask you to kindly give up your character. We also ask everyone to update their muses journal at least once a month.

ALL LOGS MUST BE COMPLETED to be counted. You are more than welcomed to have a 'To be continued' log but make sure you post the rest of it in the following month.

We ask you to post your monthy log more towards prose unless you are new to role-playing. It's easy to have a 'lazy' script to cover your butt for the month. Try to rp your characters at your rp level and choose your best works for logs.**

All logs that are NC-17 must be locked. This includes logs that describe graphic violence and/or graphic sexual acts.

Please keep OOC fights out of the community. If you happen to have problems with a member, address a maintainer and we will deal with it accordingly.

You can have a musician on hold for a week. After that, the musician will be open for the taking.

Go out there and have some fun!

* We encourage different personalities in all sections but we ask you to keep in mind that there is a non-stop war going on. Something like cheating on your boyfriend shouldn't be your biggest concern.

** Do not worry if you are a bit of a newbie when it comes to role-playing. If you need help with any help or have any questions, please feel free to ask.

All character journals are personal journals. This means that no other character can post a reply. What people write in their journals should not affect the role-play due to the fact that these are to be acted out as private journals.

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