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Ground Gewal
"War does not determine who is right - only who is left"
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24th-Mar-2007 10:50 am - HIATUS
Due to internet problems(using another computer for now, but cannot go on messengers), please put Kyo on HIATUS.

Thank you.
23rd-Mar-2007 04:44 pm - God which log number is this?
agentcyclosarin CELL & chairman_toda Toda.
The night before the battle. PG16 for.. light making out I guess.
SECRETS!!! :O. Name revealed! [not real name of course.]
Hm.. what else. Some drama-ishness, more elitism upon the side of good ol' Cell.
Yeah well thats really about it.

Tomorrow I fight as a GewaltionCollapse )
[[ OOC Note:: I'm sorry its late. This was to happen a week before the announcement and ceremony. We'll say it did. I had troubles finding the right program. ]]

Please click hereCollapse )
20th-Mar-2007 08:57 pm - IMPORTANT to read
chairman - _snafubar_
At 14h00, all the televisions, computer screens and the like on Gewal hault what they are doing to show the same important announcement.


This is a very important announcement from Ground Gewal...
Repeat, this is a very important announcement from Ground Gewal...

And the screens flickerCollapse )
18th-Mar-2007 07:36 pm - LOG :: Gara&Cell
Gara & Cell

While the General of the Falling Stars is in recovery it is now Cell's job to lead the troops to complete annihilation victory.

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