Hiromu Toda (chairman_toda) wrote in ground_gewal,
Hiromu Toda

Calm - IMPORTANT to read

It was 8h00 in the Civilization.
Many people were doing what they usually did at that time. Of course, everyone stopped when the sounds of gongs were heard across the land. Everyone knew what this ment and it was hard to not smile at the sound.

- noun The time in which all soldiers come down to the Civilization from Ground Gewal to relax while there is a pause in war activities.

This was a happy and sad time to the Civilization. Many emotions accured when Calm came. Would they see their loved ones again since the last Calm? Would they be in good health? Since almost 11 years had passed now from the beginning of the war, Calm helped the planet of Gewal immensely. Small baby booms came with Calm, helping the population. It also gave the people hope... even if their loved ones never return to them.

Again, the screens flicker with the view of the four men that appeared on the broadcast before the battle. However, it wasn't in the open ceremony building but a small room.

The flag of Gewal, like always, was displayed behind them.
A man to the far right, dressed in his General's uniform.
A man at the back center, dressed in his SFS uniform.
A man to the far left, dressed in his usual white jacket, bird-like mask and all.
And a man in the center, wearing his navy General's uniform.
Just like before. They were a bit roughed up but all wounds were covered.

Again, the man in navy leaned towards the mic.
"Good Afternoon, people of Gewal."
His voice booming like it always did. Always proud and full of passion.

"The bells of Calm have been rung this morning. This means men and women of Ground Gewal will return to you tomorrow morning. You will see your sons, your daughters, your fathers, your mothers, your friends, your spouses, your siblings... however..."
The mans voice became lower as his black eyes looked down for a breif moment.

"Not everyone will come back. Death does not care who it takes but we cannot fight it. We did... suffer a large number of casualties."
His voice became strong once again.

"But we ask you to remember. Those who's life was taken gave theirselves for freedom. They were proud going into battle, knowing that they may not come out of it. We honor these men and women everyday for their courage and for their life giving dedication to our hope of one day being an independant planet. If a loved one does not return tomorrow, do not be sad. Be honored. Few men and woman choose to stay on Ground Gewal during Calm... please allow two days for letters of forgiveness to arrive."

"I want to wish everyone a wonderful Calm. Please take this time to catch up and allow the fighting people of Gewal a good state of mind. They need it."

"Thank you."

The screens turn back to the normal broadcasts of the time.
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