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Hiromu Toda

Date Start: Long time ago
Date Finished: Now
Features: Cell, Toda & Gara
Rating: R for Violence

Summary: The storm before the Calm

C: The night of the battle had finally came, clock striking 22h30 giving them a half an hour to do last minute check ups on their mechanics, suit up and say their goodbye’s. Kamikaze’s taking their last drink infront of the gewaltion flag. Such pride in their planet, something he himself never understood but he stood a far behind watching the ten, General Toda and G178569 go through the traditional ritual of Kamekaze’s departing before they would all gather and head out. It was strange being here, maskless (though not completely, still yet to give up that mech voice of his.. not like it was his choice to go without the mask, he’d be spotted relatively easy with it) standing behind and aside waiting for the oppertune moment and his que to front. A deep breath inhaled, Cell never like planes too much. They were unstable, the possibilities of things going wrong was incredibly high. He’d been in them multiple times, hated them before and still damn well hated them. It wasn’t this that had his nerves though as much as it was that strage feeling, /feeling/ of doing something for a greater purpose than his own. Strangely… fulfilling. With thought though, it would be sensible as his career was mainly in science.. to be significant and productive, suddenly becoming positive or his veiws were just changing. Whatever it was, it needed more process and now was no time. He would instead just watch for now.

T: The ten brave men stepped down as the ritual ended. The General watched them as they walked towards their planes with pride. If he wasn't a General, he would be amongst them. Slightly looking at the SFS, he moved down behind them. The port was full. Completely full. All planes being checked at least twice. The Mustard Gas were loaded outside and the guns loaded inside. On a platform near the tower exit was Kassandra. The boney fingers, covered with the white gloves gripped onto her. Yes, he had fixed her for this battle. How could he not? The Gewal flag again was wrapped around his neck like a scarf and that oversize helment never failed. He walked infront of the army and the air force, again, talking as loud and proud as possible. "My people. I am honored to be fighting along side you tonight." His black eyes ran across the crowd of the hundreds of men. "If your eyes do not see daylight.... Bless you, for you will be in a better place than the rest of us." A grin widened on his boney face, the black hair falling upon it. "Now.... let's go fuck them up."

G: Gara had spent the last 24 hours helping with the planes, double checking and rechecking them. It was all he could do to keep his mind off those that he had ordered to their deaths. But they went with honor, didn't they? They were doing this for the better of their world, their planet... for freedom, hope, love and the chance for future generations. to know that feeling. This was to be one strike in this long war, one that would be devistating. But would it only be a superficial wound? Kobato had more men, more power, better equipment and the odds... were never in Gewals favor But that was beside the point wasn't it? The man staightened up and wiped the grease from his face when Toda had begun speaking.. yes a find day for us all.

C: Another slow breath watching the crowd from the back. Things were in going well so far, public plans and internal plans. Slowly a gloved hand came underneath his chin, finger over his lips that hitched a slight smile. Such profound pride. Moving forward a little towards the male fixing up the planes and last minute mechanics. With a stop, arms folding across the black bound chest he spoke. This wasn’t his best trait, lord knew it took almost everything he had in him to look at that man below without his mask and even further a shallow nod still mechanic voice was intact, “Good luck tonight, G178569”

Moving on through a small split in the croud where those who were in the airial attack were walking towards their plans. He had gathered the ground snipers earlier today. Gave them all of their information, blue prints, equiptment. Everything they needed running through questions and so forth. It had been a painful day, Cell was an introvert times infinity. Nevertheless, it needed to be done and upon seeing a few promising soilders playing the devils advocate he had to smile at the smart asses here. Give them a chance, they might actually prove your while. What a concept Cell. What a concept.

Reaching towards the front where the General Toda stood to take his side. Hating.. planes.. hating planes a lot. I must find the cause of my trust in you; trust so strong you’re getting my ass into a small plane like this. Big planes were alright, you couldn’t feel the loss of grip so much. These things? Every tilt he thought he was going to have a motherfucking heart attack. “G178569, He brought forward promising men as you did as well for the emergency team.” The best he could do in such a moment. Shut your mouth get on the plane and hope that you /do/ die from a heart attack before you hit the ground if something happens. The things I’m willing to do for you is insane you realize.. for once this isn’t just for my desire. Asshole.

T: Planes were a good portion of his life, he never feared them but found them to be comrades like his people. Unfortunily unlike people, if something goes wrong, he could manually fix it. But then again... wasn't that was Kobato was trying to do? Slowly the black eyes looked up to see the dim shinning of Kobato hanging in the black sky. It was a beautiful sight from here. Beautiful but deadly... reminded him of someone. Speak of the devil. The mechanical voice brought him from his thoughts, as usual. The black eyes moved down again, seeing the blonde to his side. Again, you are at my side. The place you never want to leave? If there was any reason to keep the scientist on the ground, he would love to find it... however, it was impossible now. Emergancy pick-ups? Right. A faint small smile arose from the General. "Then, we should be close to ready." With a larger grin, he adjusted the flag around his neck. "I hope you enjoy your flight." He knew Cell hated planes, especially now that he would be transported by a fighter plane. They were far from running smoothly. A slight glance over at the mechanic. This would be their second time out. Hopefully the younger one would use his mind this time. Looking back at Cell, he raised his arm, motioning Cell to climb up and take his place in the back of the pilot chair.

G: Were Gara’s ears working? Did Cell actually speak to him without being… prompted? It struck him as funny. He watched the two men, sighing softly as he closed the hatch where he was working and prepared to suit up.

All that was left was for the signal to go out… and the mission would start. Hell, it had already started; they just hadn’t taken their so called seats yet. They both should appreciate the fact that Toda’s plane was in working order… all the planes were but Toda’s above all else.

It would be a long mission. A long bloody battle that they would all, hopefully, see to the very end.

C: He wasn’t sure whether to take that as sarcasm or not on the General’s part but he climberd up into the back which faced the opposite of the front. That made things all the worse of course, he was in the air with no control over where he was going AND he couldn’t see where he was going. Well fuck if there was any better of a reason for him TO be grounded he’d surely love to hear it.

Nevertheless, 22h55 everyone was seated – back to back, com links checked and checked again. Tension was high, even one oblivious to emotions as he was could feel it. With a calming breath though mentally going over his strategies all that was left to happen was for them both to give the signal and once he hit the ground, he’d be leading his own group of men half of them probably to their deaths. Fighting as a Gewaltion, bastards better be ready. They’ll never know what hit them.

Slowly his head turned back looking at the black haired one “ready?”

T: Kassandra was confortable sitting next to her so called brother. She was always the first communicator for suicide bombings... but now she was first communicator for this battle. Two others were waiting behind her if she failed for back up, but she had never failed them once except for that one time when she was shot. Indeed, this was it. A breif sigh left the General's lips as he pressed the signal button. In every plane, a red light turned on, giving the Kami's their signal to go. They would be first, then the dropping fleet. Once the Kami's were in the air in Kobatian planes, the General pushed some buttons as the plane started to roll down the run way. Everything was working well... but a horrible fear of a warning light would come up. This wouldn't happen. All planes were check twice... but there were always rooms for things to be seen over. Another button. The plane moved faster. Another. More faster. The Gewal plane soon lifted from the ground into the air. At a steady height.... another button. They were soon flying faster than sound. Rattling like a tin in the wind, he knew the scientist wasn't enjoying this at all. Another button. Oxygen was turned on and the mask covered the General's face. Hundreds of planes were now moving fast towards space. Leaving the safety of their planet and maybe even their lives. There was no turning back now.

Once the planes broke free of the Gewal atmosphere, the reality of this battle hit many. This was literaly a huge suicide mission. Many men will be lost but it could of been worse. At least from internal espianages, the Kobatians knew nothing of this attack... so they would be caught off guard. The plane started to run smoother, now on a set course. Now all they could do was wait till they approached the Kobatian line.

G: The mechanic had been assigned to fly with the bombers and protect them from the enemy planes. That was if they had anything left when the Kamikaze’s jobs were done. He’d seen this sight many times before… the images of his past still haunted him. Of the flight that brought him to Gewel and the pain and death that it had brought with it.

He silently prayed that Garamei would wake up soon. He wanted her to have a normal life and he wanted things to be more peaceful so that he had a chance to bring her at least closer… and then maybe… just maybe ask Cell for a favor. However well that would work.

Best not to think about this now, not when your mind was to be clear and concentrait on what was to come. Frankly, it scared him. And even though the Kamikaze had volunteered to die for their country… he still felt a pang of guilt about sending men to their deaths. Was this how Toda always felt when something like this occurred?


Gara breathed deeply as the oxygen began to flow. Fifteen minutes into the flight to Kobato and he was already thinking too much. Just shut up and fly, he told himself, just shut up and fly.

C: Internally he was a bit of a wreck. Sitting in a fucking plane that could tilt at the hit of a toothpick, the mask bothered him none. Lord knew how many times experiments had him in a situation where he needed one of these. Of course all hidden just like his anxiety. No.. no Cell was perfect, flawless and all-knowing. Yes. Moving along, upon forcing himself to believe that Gara had fixed these up well and knowing Toda’s mastered skill with these things, after the break he calmed quite a bit once again being able to think a little more clearly on the plans ahead.

Though he’d been on missions like this before he was either in the emergency group or the defence. A few times he’d picked up his rifle but they were from much further distances and it wasn’t as largely group oriented.

However strangely with so much in mind the time passed fast. He leaned back a bit watching the planes follow his lead. A small smile, ah yes. What a leader you are in your ridiculously large attire, prideful flag around your neck. Lord, you’re a patriot through and through, damn hero. It was baffling to him what caught his eye, there were other smart people out there. Gara being one but everyone knew how well they got along. President being another, again Cell hated him just as much as he disliked just about everyone else. Haha.. still an arrogant bastard.. yes, he was wasn’t he.

“General,” after a long while of silence, they were just breaking through Kobato’s ozone layer now and once oxygen could be breathed without the masks his head turned back. “If I don’t make it..” which I will.. but this is really just an excuse for me to say it, “I want you to know,” it was that passion.. that passion and such incredible idea’s for the future, what a team they could be.. what a team they already were, “.. I love you.”


T: Not a damn Kobatian plane in the sky. No front line... no anything. This was...very unusual. With no front line, this would become less dangerous for the Falling Stars... but that ment more Kobatians were on ground. Meaning........ the mustard gas would hit more of them. Since it was unusual, the General kept things extra quiet, looking for any small sign that the Kobatians were getting ready for the attack. The only way they could of known was from the spy Below, but after the attacks, the Gewal security was on a all time high... it would be most impossible for the spy to communicate with his home planet.

Passing the Kobatian Ozone layer was rough as usual. The General just had to remember this wasn't a suicide mission. Then again, it it was, his plane would be in flames by now. It was the planes in front of him that were now in flames, heading towards their targets of death. Once they hit, the snipers would be dropped and the Kobatian air force will be coming after the Falling Stars. Getting a steady hand on the controls, just waiting for the first hit, he looked back at the mechanical voice. They had been silent for the whole trip of course. Again this voice shocked him a bit. This was it. Minutes before the drop. He quickly reached for the scientist's wrist, pulling him down next to him. Only a few minutes left. Softly the nuzzled the side of the blonde's nose with his own. "Masa... we will see each other again." A quick yet soft lips pressed agains the other's before another button was pushed, opening bottom of the plane in the back to let the scientist drop. "Now go..."

G: The drop started. Soon the bombers first wave would start as the men that Gara had gathered hurled themselves in their Kobatan planes at their enemy. The sight was both beautiful and grotesque.

Gara waited for his orders, taking all he had to keep his thoughts from feeding up on themselves. Here he was again, in the air, with Toda. It shouldn’t have been any different save it was on a much larger scale. But his thoughts grew darker, remembering how he’d gotten to Gewal in the first place… though a ship carrying illegal goods and an injection that had been given to his father. That one injection had changed his life forever and for that, he couldn’t forgive the people of the planet below him.

Let the bombing commence, he thought darkly. I will enjoy seeing them writhe and die under our assault.

C: Well this was it. He looked around, perfect. As was rumored seemed true, Kyo was awall. Put a nice big grin on Cells face, almost a dissapointment though, /almost/. In one way, he’d really love to see that face once more while it was kissing the floor wiping up the blood and dirt with that dirty tongue of his. Maybe another time, while they’re still recovering from this. Who knew how long it would take Kobato’s forces to recover from this. Cell didn’t care and by all means it should have been expected. Kyo knew what he was capable of, that could have been why he was there. Than again.. Kyo was a kineiving asswad but you know he was really a little too headstrong to understand the fear concept which lead to some suspisions. Whatever the reason be it didn’t matter too much. Like Cell himself, if he came back to a wreck he’d be angry that his work was destroyed more than he’d be angry that his men was gone. Haha, well poor you.

His musing to himself was interrupted falling aside this proud savior in traditional brown. A hand brushed by few black locks and kiss returned gently, “Hero,” –‘s never die. Atleast Toda was safe.

Grabbing his rifle he was dropped in his according space. Fucking horay for falling from the sky into a damn tree, lucky he wasn’t oblivious to gravity and spatial relations.

Nevertheless, the hunt was on. This wasn’t just any attack, cell had a few of his own plans. He looked above from the green where he stood upon a branch a few ways up from the ground. By now the bombing had begun, people ran and skattered about everywhere. Alert sirens began flashing and no sight of the good old general Kyo. Perfect. With men running about seeking shelter or running from base. A smirk fled his lips, no one on Kobato had seen his face since school, none of which recognized him too well – Cell was always hidden. Squatting he brought the top scope of the rifle to his right eye spotting two soilders neering. How perfect..

T: It really was poison wasn't it? In any case, the minute Cell dropped from the plane, the hatch was closed and Toda with the rest of the dropping fleet caught up to the bombers. This was going to be one hell of a ride. The sight of the Kami's was amazing, still thinking that he could of been one if he wasn't a General. Maybe Toda had too much pride for his planet. A damn patriot. Freedom was more powerful than the love of power though, making him one fucking crazy patriot.

Up ahead was the port where Kobatian planes were hurrying into the sky. It was a good plan that him and Asada had taken out the control tower weeks before or this plan wouldn't of been a big success. However, he didn't want to say anything yet. There was still a lot left to be done. They were getting closer to their targets, just a little bit more. "Steady...." His voice sounded to all of the bombing planes. 20ft.....15ft.....10ft.... "Steady...." 8ft..... The black eyes watched the targets closely, making sure it was perfect. 5ft.... 3 ft..... "Steady...." 1ft..... "Drop Them!" The switches were flipped up by the white gloved finger, making the carried Mustard Gas bombs drop perfectly on their targets. More explosions over the towers, bunks, run ways and the like. Now was the most dangerous part, turning around yet again to do the pick ups. A very happy looking Kobatian fleet were waiting for them up ahead. Hopefully the gas would keep many of the pilots on ground.

G: On the General’s order, Gara dropped the payload of bombs he was carrying. Each hit their target and the pilot grinned in grim satisfaction.

They turned around as the second wave hit. Nothing was in the sky yet and that made Gara uneasy. Surely they had fighters from another base that would be scrambled… surely they weren’t that stupid. Ochida had to know better than this… didn’t he?

Gara steeled himself for the dogfight that he knew would come.

C: Just a little closer.. Once both of them were near range settling just a few feet under the space where he were, black fingers pulled the trigger. One shot for the both of them, one in the back of his head and the other mis spinal cord. Aught to inabilitate his movement. Besides, paralysis would come soon enough with the amount of cyclosarin he had running through each of these caps. Moving quickly to the low bottom branch he pulled up the one, machine aside fingers worked off the clothing of the already well gone pulling it over his current suit and trowing the strap of his rifle over.

Cell dropped to the ground, picking up the ‘wounded’ kobation over a shoulder he watched for a few seconds. The last one.. after this one should be.. He didn’t have long, there wasn’t much time between gaps but he wouldn’t take long. On one of the last bombs set for the first batches attack.. he ran towards their base. Cell had purposely left one building out of the target. Kobato’s lab. That was his building.

T: Now that most if not all bombs were dropped, the enemy line was getting closer... than again it was moving towards them. Even with the future fights up ahead, they were making good time. So, now let's shoot down these bastards, turn around and pick up the ground troop. That all that was left... but it was so far away. The white gloves were removed so there would be no slips. Head to head combat was most enjoyable. As soon as the first enemy plane was in target, the General let loose the machine guns. Quickly, the air battle started. More reaction explosions started up down below. At a few chances of glimps, Toda looked below, seeing clearly the men running from buildings and getting shot down. Pulling up into the sky more, now seeing Gewal planes doing 180, turning around when it was safe. From the report, only a little bit of damage happened to two planes. That was nothing. All Falling Stars were mechanics, making it easy for damages to recover quickly.... however some were more skilled than others. Quickly, when it was clear, Toda as well made a 180, finding it actually thrilling to fly upside down. This wasn't a game though, it never was. When he first learned how to fly, he flew upside down all the time... maybe that's what made him crazy deep down inside. Who knew? But now straightening out, the started again across the damaged port, towers and other buildings. The fires were raging now and spreading through the trees. A string of fear ran through the General's body. It looked pretty bad down there.... Damnit... you had better be there at the pick up site... They still had awhile to go... and things in the sky didn't seem to be looking any better. More Kobatian planes were waiting for them and more were coming from the back from other ports. This was the fun part. Renforcements. This was when it was going to become dangerous. That crazy grin appeared on the General's face as they fearlessly flew right towards the Kobatian planes. He wondered if any of them even remembered what a Gewal plane looked like. Not as nice looking but their funding wasn't for beauty, it was for power, protection and to be as swift as possible.

Let us play a little tle game... shall we? His dark eyes narrowed as he started flying right towards an enemy plane. Chicken was more fun playing in the air. The grin widened as the other didn't back out. Reports of more damaged planes ran through the speakers.... but the General wasn't listening, focusing on his little game. Closer the plane came to be head to head. Closer..... closer.... until the last second he open fired and pulled up hard, making the bullets get driven into the head and to the engine, making the enemy plane exploding right after Toda pulled away. The rush ran through his veins now. Missles were now being locked in for the planes coming in from behind. A siren went off shortly after, making the General look up at the scope. Two planes were on his tail. He didn't have time to get them off. Hopeing for back-up, it did not come. He reached for the speaker but suddenly jammbed foreward into his seat as his wing was hit. Shit. The black eyes quickly looked out the top to see his right wing in flames.Then another hit but only into the tree below. The General pulled up again, hopeing the night wind would cool the fire, which it did until it was hit one more. Again his frail body was rattled in his seat as a warning button flashed, announcing that the wing was in serious damage. No shit. Looking at the scope, the enemy planes were coming in closer and now firing bullets that clearly hit his tail. If his tail went out, he would have to drop. A sound from behind made his eyes go to the scope again. Finally some fucking back up. One of the plane's wing was in flames as well. The other retreating to go after the back up. Then another rattle. The motor for the his right wing was jammbed.

The General's plane was going down....

More warnings started sounding a horrible racket through the plane. "Shit shit shit!" Switches were flicked franticly as he tried to steady the plane. If he spiraled it would be near impossible to get out. He wasn't alone though. Not too many feet besides him, a Kobatian plane was going down with him. They were close enough to even see each other. He banged on the window to get the other's attention... and when he did, he pressed his middle inger to the glass. 15ft from the tree tops.... 10ft.... 6ft....

And then, an explosion.

G: Gara had been busy with his own Kobatian planes. He the warning and the not quite mayday of Toda and his soon to be doomed plane. "Shitshitshit." Gara juked, rolling the plane out of the line of fire and coming back around to remove the annoyances from Toda's tail. But the plane was going down. The damage was bad. "Toda's going down. Whatever you do, those of you on the ground, protect him and make sure he gets back in one piece. Without Genral Toda, we are lost." Gara spoke calmly and gave the coordinates where the plane had gone down. If the General didn't show up to be picked up... they would be in the hands of Cell... and that... would not be fun, now would it?

C: He made it to the gate with relative ease throwing on an act that he were wounded aswell as the man over his shoulder now dead flat. He was barely noticed, kobato never noticed things like this. Of course they didn’t everyone was programmed to do what they were suppose to do. What a perfect flaw in your perfectly flawless and controlled society Mr President. Brilliance at its best. Nevertheless making it to the door, once opened dropped the other and… Bang. The impact made him in the wall, head tilting up as a gasp emitted. Even if the bullet was not completely through the layer he had protecting him he could feel the tips sting. It was, much like his own, no plane bullet. Cold eyes rolled over to see a male whom dressed much as he did in gewal. His body slid down the wall to the ground, tilt.. to his side. So this was their scientist was it? What a cheap tactic.. Slowly black slicked feet came closer. /That a boy.. keep believing you got me.// Ignoring the sting, he tensed, thinned his breath. It was a sulfate of some sort, he’d have to treat it later. This man didn’t know he was wearing a protective suit underneath. The sting and slight smell arising gave away what it was. It would have been smart and painful.. you know.. if Cell was like stupid or something. Obvious that this other had no intention of killing him, just temporary imobilation. Oh what a smart cookie we have here. A hand came out to grab his body, letting the other drag him down the hall. His eyes wondered the facility, nothing had changed.

T: Luckally, Hiromu knew how to fly a plane. Luckally, he knew how to fly a plane that had lost a functioning wing. Luckally, he knew that trees + planes didn't mix very well. Luckally.... he didn't crash. Still able to keep control of the plane, a bit shaky from the other plane who was going down with him as it exploded under neath him. Looked like the Kobatian president didn't program well enough pilots. However, since there was no way of fixing such damage in the sky, the General was forced to land the plane as smoothly as he knew how to on the treetops... which wasn't all that smooth in the first place. Once the plane stopped in the green jungle, the power was shut off. Looked like he'd be a part of the pick up as well. Taking Kassandra, he got out of the chair and opened the top before popping in a pill to treat against the jungle poisons. Damn jungle... he never even thought this planet had one when he was a young Kobatian. Now he visits one twice in a month. Hearing what Asada had to say, the General chuckled and pulled the head phone from his sister. "G178569, you put too much fait---" That smell.... Shit. Through the intercom on the planes and ground troops was a horrible sound and the static was ear shattering. The small chunk of jungle that the General had landed in went up in flames. His plane had been leaking gas and the flick of electicity from Kassandra lit it up. So much for trying to repair it. The boney body was flung into the air along with the radio box, both hitting the ground hard. At least the fire lit up the jungle night.... usually you couldn't see your hand infront of your face. Kassandra was damaged badly once again and the General only with a few scrapes. The noise on the com stopped but there was still a lot of static as he picked up the phone again. "G100297 down. Heading for back up pick up. G126081, I repeat G100297 down, head to back up pick up. Position 887. Over." The static was gone as the phone was hung up again. Hopefully the reciever made it so he'd still know what was going on up above. Getting up, the General looked around the burning trees around him. Now to find a way out and quickly. The gases would come into the jungle quickly wouldn't it? And he had no gas mask since the fire took it for its own. Reaching down into his jacket, he pulled out a small glode. It was a compass... however, it had gotten damaged. Great.... Toda was good with direction... but for not knowing that this jungle even existed.... this would be a challange to find the pick up point without a compass or map. Quikly, without a second thought, the General ran into the darkness.

G: "No General, not that I put too much faith in it... you just tend to get yourself into that kind of trouble." Oh shit shut up and fly already. He's on the ground now, and probably in good hands. Good luck, General. I hope you make it back in one piece. Oh who am I kidding? Gara sighed and wondered what he was thinking about doing... providing cover for the general over the air. Well, he would do that to the best of his ability... but with the enemy planes as thick as they were up here... he didn't think it was going to happen... and maybe if they survived this, he'd suggest to Toda that they start using subdermal mics or some other kind of communication than a junked radio... named for his mother or not... losing contact like this was rediculous.

C: No.. not a damn thing had changed what-so-ever. A slight static in his ear snapped eyes open a bit. Fuck.. what was this? He couldn't risk it being heard even if it was hooked to a peice in his ear. Pulling out a small vile with a butterfly needle attatched - the blond would act. Quickly he grasped the other Scientist locking his arm and pulling up the lower half of his body. Feet planted against his back and rolling down, the man was soon under him. Flipping his body so he was on his stomach with no minutes to spare he injected the vile right through his jugular and got up. Sweet dreams. Now to find those files - fingers worked away the buttons of the kobation ground army suit so he could extract the bullet from the black binding one beneath as he ran towards that oh so familiar door. Blow the shit out of this place. .. not yet Toda, I'm not finished here. If I don't show up don't wait for me. Finally the metal cap hit the floor, body stopped. Oh glorious old working lab I have missed you so. Have you missed me? Fucking little shits. DIE DOOR. The lab hadden't changed either, fucking christ Kyo you're making this so easy I almost want to cry over it. Its like.. I half heartedly want to believe truely really want to believe that there's some devistating trick to all this. Nevertheless, there wasn't much time. To work he got hacking into the main computer. Access denied. Fuck you. Try again. .. access denied. ARH FUCKING CODING. DIE COMPUTER. Thats better. Files deleted he turned. Fun part. DESTRUCTION. Take the usefull things, knock off the rest. Kill every motherfucking peice of shit in there than RUN LIKE HELL. CHECK.

T: AS he ran like hell through the jungle, he pulled his General's katana from it's place, cutting down the vines in his way. Further and further he ran from the blaze, the jungle around him becoming darker and darker. Unfortunitly, it was his luck that his gun went flying out when his plane exploded.... of course he didn't notice until it was too late to turn back. It was getting hard to see, and if he couldn't see, he'd be a sitting duck to those with night vision goggles which weren't too many, but it was something he didn't want to take his chances of. Finally finding himself over a hill, he could see lights of some sort from down below. Peering through a bush, he could see a man in the pit who seemed to be at post with communication for ground bombers. Found you. A grin appeared but soon went away as he remembered that his gun was missing. Taking out this guy would be very helpful for the Falling Stars who were picking up so that the ground troopers didn't know where to shoot the ground bombs. Sacrifces... remember... A soft sigh left his pale lips as he stood up and pulled Kassandra above his head. Looking down at the man, he made sure that he's get the target. Blood ran down the side of his face from a small head wound. Good bye my dear Kassandra. He forced the communicater down into the pit, hitting the man right in the head. With the force and ridiculous bulk of Kassandra, the hit was fatal. He fell to the ground. The General then debated if he should run down and see if the the man had any weapons or not... but the desition ended quickly when the sound of a gun was heard quite close. The frail body fell to the jungle floor below, taken back by the blow. Another shot. Blood leaked through the brown pant leg and shoulder blade. He'd been shot before, but the pain was never welcoming. He laid close to the ground as possible, waiting for the sharp shooter to get closer. Chances were... it could of been a Kobatian trooper who saw Toda throw the beloved machine down to the pit... or a Gewal sniper who had lost their way and shot anything that moved. It was the first one. For one, these were wounding.... wounds. Ones that would slow him down. For second, the Gewal snipers had night vision on their guns. The man grew closer. The boney pale fingers held tight to the katana's handle. Closer. AS quick as the bullet hit, the Kobatian's head dropped to the flood. Blood ran down the katana infront of a crazy smile. Now... where was that pick up zone?

G: Gara stayed in the air, by luck alone. He was running low on ammo and his missles were almost gone. C'mon... when was this going to be over... then the plane screamed at him that he had a lock on him... "Oh no you fucking don't." Gara grit his teeth and tried to roll, but it was no good, the plane still screamed warnings at him. He had one chance and that involved stunt flying... he wondered if his father would approve. The man had always yelled at him for flying their transport like a maniac.... that was the same for their shuttle too... oh who cares... lets get rid of the problem first. enemy missle launched and Gara still fought to break the lock... but he wasn't that lucky... nor was the Kobatian fighter who just fired at him. He pulled up, rolling and landing behind the enemy plane. He accelerated and pulled up at the last minute and over the plane itself. The missle that had been meant for Gara destoryed his pest. Yes... all the barnstorming antics of his youth had finally paid off.

C: Shoving a few things into a bag he stopped at the door. It was a mess, a damn shame really. How it hurt him so deeply to do this to such a fine lab oh who the fuck was he kidding? This kid was nothing short of an entry level medical student. Amatuere. Taking out a bag of powder from on of the cabnets and ripping open a corner he dragged out a line down the hall out the door, set the tip on fire. Ignition. An estimated minut or two before the place would blow to shits, time to run for it. Passed the jungle, just over the hill. Easier said than done luckily he was all in black. Tapping his com he spoke t the second in charge of the snipers. Only five men left... christ. Pulling out a capsul he popped it into his mouth, same jungle antidote. as quickly and quietly as possible, rifle ready to shoot at any given time. He was almost there, seeing the small opening at the jungle untill hehead a shot, sticking immediately to the back of a tree. That was.. Slowly bringing the scope to his eye, precise shot had the kobation knocked from the tree. In such great timing with that rather loud explotion from behind. now they needed to leave. in a hurry. With the preoccupence of the explotion he made a run for it. There was no time to look back the plane was in site. Obviously the General was wounded, they could take care of this once in the back of the plane.

T: The dark still slowed down the General even if the bulk phone was now lost in the jungle. He stopped when he heard something. The sound of engines coming closer. A plane. He must be close. Limping through the jungle again, he followed the noise and cut away the vines in his way with the bloody sword. Since Kassandra was gone, he no longer had the option to radio anyone or let alone hear what was going on above him. The sound was getting closer but in all honesty, the sounds were coming all around. A blood trail was fallowing the general as he continued to limp around. The pick up was only suppose to land for 5 minutes. Not very long but long enough.... he just needed to get there in time and again had no way of telling anyone that he was coming... However due to Asada's warning, everyone was looking out for the General. Looking up for a plane didn't help either. The jungle was too thick to see a damn thing. He just knew that he was close but that wasn't good enough. His leg started to become weak from the wound and him running didn't help him at all. Damnit... he should of never threw Kassandra. The sounds were coming closer but a spook ran up even faster. Sounds of things running through the jungle. Kobatians? Troopers? It was too dangerous to risk it. He'd have to wait for another pick up. Finding a back of a tree, the General focused on the sounds of the jungle over the planes picking up.

G: Gara provided more ground cover while fending off the annoyances that were the Kobatian pilots. They were like gnats, and the Kobatian base was a pile of feces. "GET LOST!" He yelled as he finally loosed the last of his missles into an enemy plane. More fancy flying and now relying on his machine guns, he checked on the time... oh yes... pickups... time to go do that, wasn't it?

C: A deep breath, tapping the peice in his ear making contact with the assigned pick-up as he moved forward. "G126081 Reporting, General found. Are you in range?" Slowly he moved up towards the other lifting the Generals arm around his own, a small smile as he received a responce. They were close, they didn't have much time though. Wrapping an arm around the others waist.. he was in pretty rough condition. Speaking into the mic at the top of his suit he moved forward, "We're just at the edge of the jungle," he could see the top of the hill was right there, just a few steps.. he started walking, "keep an eye open for kobations, we're on our way." The longest minute of his life being out in the open like that having no shelter, no guarentee that the man close to his side wouldn't get shot down. His grip on Toda's side was tight, finger around the trigger of his rifle just itching to pull it on the first threat but they made it to the back of the pick-up after what seemed like an eternity. They could finally go home, their damage here was done.

T: The arms around him almost make him pull his katana out again, but the mechanical voice was soon heard in time. Damnit Cell. He was pulled up right and slowly moved through the last of the jungle. The sounds of the plane was getting closer until they finally reached the clearning where a few planes were waiting for pick up. However, the number of men getting picked up was a very far cry of the men that were dropped. This was a sad sight for the General but this was war. He just wasn't suspecting so many people would be lost when it was a sneak attack. Indeed, their damage was done, but this wasn't it. They still had to get off this damn planet alive. The boney fingers reached up to the door of the pick up plane and pulled himself in. He'd been beaten up worse, his body could handle this for now. He just had wounds, nothing threatening if he fixed it when they arrived back to Gewal. The pilot welcomed them and shut the door, letting everyone know that the two were safe. The plane started leaving the ground as the general found a place to sit in the back against the wall. A blood trail was still following him but again, he'd make it with no problem. The black eyes looked up at the scientist, glad that he was.... well..... here. "You hurt at all?" His stern voice coming naturally.

G: Gara smiled slightly when he heard that the General had made it. It didn't suprise him. The man always made it though whatever he got into no matter what. Now they could go home and he could sleep. Glorious sleep.
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